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Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

stormwater6Stormwater regulations define an "illicit discharge" as any "discharge to a municipal separate storm sewer (MS4) that is not composed entirely of stormwater".

The City of Fayetteville has an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination program in place to handle illicit discharges into the storm drainage system. This program includes monitoring and inspecting industrial activities, water sampling, ordinance enforcement and education.


Common types of discharges into the storm sewer system include:

  • Car wash fluids
  • Lawn debris
  • Lawn fertilizers and pesticides
  • Washdown from restaurant grease traps
  • Automotive fluids

stormwater7An illicit connection is any connection that is illegally made to the storm drainage system. This can be a hose discharging fluid directly into the storm drain or a pipe illegally connected to the storm drainage system. Citizens, who see anything unusual in or around a storm drain, should call the City's Stormwater Hotline at 910-433-1613.

Once an illicit discharge is reported, a stormwater inspector is assigned to the case. The stormwater inspector is given authority to investigate and impose fines regarding illicit discharges by the Stormwater Management Ordinance, Chapter 23 Article 2 Sections 23-9 through 23-19.1. Civil penalties will be issued to anyone found illegally dumping into the storm drainage system. A schedule of these fees can be found here on the Stormwater Management Ordinance Page.

stormwater8It is through this program that the City's Stormwater Division can help to prevent stormwater pollution, by detecting illicit discharges into the storm drainage system. Citizens of the City of Fayetteville are encouraged to help the Stormwater Division by reporting illicit discharges, and by being conscientious about what goes on around them. We can all do our part to become the solution to stormwater pollution.