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Responsive Bids/Proposals and Responsible Vendors

Responsive bids/proposals and responsible vendors are what the City looks for when making a decision to purchase a product or service. City contracts are awarded to responsible vendors who have submitted responsive bids or proposals. Guidelines to determine the responsibility of vendors are established by State procurement regulations (North Carolina General Statutes) to ensure a vendor’s ability to fulfill all contract requirements.

To ensure a vendor’s responsibility, we may request evidence of:

  • A vendor’s financial resources
  • A vendor’s performance record on previous contracts
  • A vendor’s plant and testing facilities
  • A vendor’s production capability
  • A vendor’s ability to comply with delivery or performance schedule

To ensure a responsive bid or proposal, the City may evaluate and or ensure:

  • That the solicitation requirements are met
  • That the offer is advantageous to the City with respect to the quality, performance and time criteria specified in the solicitation

Note: To withdraw a submitted bid (or proposal), a vendor must send written notification to the Purchasing Office before the scheduled opening. If a response that has already been submitted is found to include an honest mistake, the vendor must contact the contract administrator listed in the instructions before it is opened so that written corrections can be submitted. Any corrections must clearly be stated as “a modification to the bid/proposal” and must be received no later than the exact specified due date and time.