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The City of Fayetteville is in frequent communication with our partners at the Cumberland County Department of Public Health and health officials at local, state, and federal agencies who are monitoring the situation and providing guidance on how to respond to COVID-19. Our top priority is to maintain essential services for our community while protecting the health and safety of our residents and employees. MORE INFO

Awarded Contracts

Awarded contracts become binding when a purchase order or contract document has been executed. The vendor is bound to perform in accordance with contract specifications or may be held liable by the City for breach of contract. Once a purchase order or contract has been issued, changes to the terms and conditions of the accepted proposal are not allowed except by written, formal action.

Informal and Formal Procurement Processes

The City issues purchase orders and/or contracts either through informal or formal procurement processes.

Informal (some but not all bids under $90,000) Purchase Process and Contract Award

  1. City solicits at least 3 quotes by phone, mail or fax (advertisement of contract opportunities IS NOT required)
  2. Vendors submit written, emailed or faxed quotes by specified date and time
  3. City awards contract to selected vendor
  4. Purchase order (or contract) is issued to vendor

Formal (over $90,000 and many under $90,000 as determined by City Staff) Purchase Process and Contract Award

  1. City solicits at least 3 written responses to RFP’s through advertisement or vendor notification (advertisement of contract opportunities IS required)
  2. Vendors attend pre-bid conference (question and answer session), if determined to be mandatory by City Staff. If Pre-bid conference is determined to be mandatory, it will be stated in the Request for Proposal (RFP).
  3. Vendors submit completed, sealed response packages by the specified date and time
  4. City Council awards contract