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About Bids and Proposals

Prospective Vendors 

Bids and Proposals are submitted by vendors in response to solicitations from the City. Prospective vendors submit bids (competitively priced offers) in response to request for bids. 

When putting together a bid or proposal a vendor should:

  • Make time to review and carefully study all of the written specifications
  • Attend pre-bid conferences to ask questions, make suggestions and request clarification on any proposed specifications or requirements
  • Have the ability to meet all of the contract requirements
  • Adhere to all written instructions, including any requirements for submitting properly sealed and labeled packages, providing supplemental information, and meeting due dates and times
  • Review all official written addenda of requirement changes resulting from the pre-bid conference
  • Account for all conditions of purchase, delivery and payment
  • Include accurate costs and estimates of material, labor, overhead packaging and transportation
  • Consider market conditions, i.e., price changes in raw materials, labor, whether a price adjustment clause is needed in the contract
  • Include insurance certificates (when specified in the solicitation)
  • Include bid security (when specified in the solicitation)
  • Ask for clarification

Note: Completed responses must be submitted and received by the Purchasing office before the date and time specified in the solicitation. Vendor responses that are received after the specified date and time will be rejected and returned to the vendor unopened.