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Fayetteville Police Department Patch


Call 911 for Emergencies.

For non-emergencies,
call (910) 433-1529.
To make an anonymous tip,
call (910) 483-TIPS (8477).

Law Enforcement Acreditation

Alarm Ordinance Information

Alarm User Information Required for Audible Non-Monitored Alarms

Alarm users with audible non-monitored alarms systems are required by the Alarm Ordinance to furnish the Alarm Ordinance Coordinator with the names and phone numbers of at least one and no more than three individuals who have the authority and knowledge to deactivate an alarm. Failure to do so is a violation of the Ordinance.  Click on the following link to submit alarm user information:


False Alarms

Every year, Fayetteville police officers respond to thousands of burglar alarm activations. Unfortunately, a major portion of these responses are for false alarms.

Section 9A-6 of the Fayetteville City Code ("Burglary and Robbery Alarm Systems Regulations"), addresses this problem. This ordinance allows the City to charge fees for responses by police officers due to false alarms. Alarm users are charged according to the fee schedule adopted by City Council.


Appeal Process

  • Alarm users may request for a waiver for false alarm activations.
  • Waiver requests must first be submitted to the Police Dept.’s Alarm Coordinator.
  • If the alarm user is dissatisfied with the decision of the Alarm Coordinator, then an appeal can filed with the City Attorney’s office.
  • Appeal requests must be received by the City Attorney’s office with 10 days of the notification of the Alarm Coordinator’s decision.
  • An appeal hearing will be scheduled within 14 days.
  • Appeals will be heard by an independent Hearing Officer, (not a City employee.)
  • Decisions of the Hearing Officer will be final.

If you have any questions or would like to know how you can prevent false alarms, please contact the Alarm Coordinator at (910) 433-1037.


Adopted Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 19/20

1st False Alarm Response $0.00-warning letter mailed
2nd False Alarm Response $0.00
3rd False Alarm Response $25.00
4th – 5th False Alarm Responses $50.00 Each
6th - 7th False Alarm Responses $100.00 Each
8th and above $200.00 Each



For more information, please contact the False Alarm Unit using any of the following methods:
Phone: 910-433-1037