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Frequently Asked Questions

Permitting & Inspections Department

  • Inspections (Building Code)

    • What are some typical home improvement projects that require permits?

    • What types of permits may be required for my project?

    • Which field inspections are required and when should these inspections be scheduled?

    • Why is it important to get a permit for a home improvement project?

  • Permit Fees

    • Who pays for the electrical, mechanical or plumbing permit?

    • Are all the trade permits required to be submitted when the building permit is issued?

    • Does each trade have to submit a permit application?

    • Does the permit fee apply to any building or just commercial construction?

    • How are alterations and renovations calculated based on the permit fee structure?

    • Is the NC State home recovery fee part of the new flat fee?

    • What do the building permit fees cover?

    • What fees are involved and when do I pay them?

    • What if an addition does not have plumbing as part of the project. Does the entire fee get charged?

    • When are permit fees due?

    • When do I need to get a permit?

    • Where do I go to obtain a permit for my project?

  • Project Information Needed

    • Are there departments other than Inspections that I need to consult about my project?

    • Can I draw my own plans building plans?

    • Can I draw the mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing plans?

    • How do I start the permit process?

    • How long does it take to review the project plans?

    • What does a Site Plan include?

    • What information do I need to apply for a permit?

    • What information is needed when designing a pole sign?

    • What information, guidelines, or rules apply and are used to complete my project?

    • What is the permit process and how do I begin my project?

    • What is the wind speed for the City of Fayetteville?

    • What types of low voltage items require an electrical permit?

    • When do plans require a seal of a North Carolina registered professional?

  • Scheduling an Inspection

    • Where do I submit my inspection application?

    • Am I required to have an address posted on my building/home?

    • How do I schedule an inspection?

    • How long does the Inspection process take?

    • How long does the residential inspection project process take?

    • What are the keys to a successful inspection process?

    • What should I do if my inspection is rejected? (Re-inspections)

    • Which field inspections are required and when should these inspections be scheduled?