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Handicapped Sign Frequently Asked Questions


Why are the signs required? Signs are required by the N.C. Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Why are the signs needed? They identify the spaces reserved for persons with current permits, allowing them to park in the spaces. The correct signs also permit law enforcement officers to ticket and tow vehicles that are parked improperly.

Must every space have a sign?
 Yes, each space reserved should be identified by a sign placed in front of the space.

Can the sign be mounted on a pole in front of the space? Yes

hc_signageCan the sign be mounted on the building's wall directly in front of the parking space? Yes, as long as only a few feet separate the space and the building's wall.

How high should the sign be? The ADA calls for the sign to be placed at least 60-inches above the parking surface, so that it can be plainly seen through the driver's windshield of the vehicle.

I have signs, so why did I get a notice? More than likely, one of the following problems exists with your sign(s):

  • Signs do not have the correct maximum fine amount of $250
  • Signs do not have the state code listed: GS 20-37.6
  • Signs do not specify "Reserved Parking"
  • Signs are mounted too low (below the 60-inch minimum height)
  • Signs are not mounted in front of the space that is reserved
  • Signs are in disrepair (old, faded, not readable, bent, leaning, etc.)
  • Reserved space is not identified with stripes on the parking lot surface.
Where can I get signs? Any local sign vendor should be able to supply the correct signs. There are also numerous vendors on the Internet.

Who do I contact if I have questions? City of Fayetteville Code Enforcement (910) 433-1056.