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Fayetteville Fire Department Patch


tr3The Logistics Division provides support and supplies for the department. All fleet maintenance, apparatus specification, and equipment repair is coordinated through the Logistics Division.  Through the use of the Logistics Division, the department is able to maintain accountability of its equipment and ensures the continued efforts to carry out the mission of the Fayetteville Fire/Emergency Management Department.




tr1The Fayetteville Fire/Emergency Management Department Logistics Division is responsible for numerous purchasing tasks, including acquiring bids and making general purchase on a daily basis for the day to day function of the department. Large purchase specifications and bidding is initiated from this office, as well as coordinating delivery locations based on function and storage space availability, the office is located at Fayetteville Fire Station 14 Admin on Langdon St.  All forms of vehicle maintenance are coordinated, for the current fleet of vehicles, from new purchase and warranty repairs to preventive maintenance of everything from Ladder trucks to power boats and trailers.  Logistics is also responsible for coordinating all forms of building maintenance for all stations under the control of the Fayetteville Fire/Emergency Management Department, through the City’s Building Maintenance division.  Logistics Division also handles coordinating and oversight of small engine repair for all lawn equipment, power saws and generators.




Gallagher, PaulLieutenant (Logistics Officer)Fire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1788
McKenna, ChelseaLogistics FirefighterFire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1788
Whiteside, RichardBattalion Chief (Logistics Officer)Fire/Emergency Management(910) 433-1165