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Infrastructure Permit



The City of Fayetteville’s Engineering Division has put together this resource page to help guide you through the Plan Review Process on the following pages. For questions regarding the information found here, please contact the Engineering Division at 910-433-1656.DSCN3194

City of Fayetteville Stormwater Ordinance          

City of Fayetteville Administrative Manual

City of Fayetteville Minimum Design Standards

NC BMP Manual

Infrastructure Permit Application

Fee Schedule



For questions and permit submittal, please contact Byron Reeves:

Non-Exempt Projects

An undeveloped site that adds 20,000+ SF of impervious area or a site that has previously been developed that adds 5,000+ SF of impervious area is required to meet the Stormwater Control Ordinance. These Non-Exempt projects must provide the following items for a complete submittal:

Exempt Projects

Undeveloped sites adding less than 20,000 SF of impervious area and previously developed sites adding less than 5,000 SF of impervious area are exempt from the Stormwater Control Ordinance. However, these projects must still submit an application package to verify all other site requirements are being met. These exempt projects must provide the following items for a complete submittal:

Notice of Process Clarification

NOPC Stormwater Ordinance

NOPC Wet Detention Ponds

NOPC Plan Review Implementation