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Economic Business Development Outreach

The EBD Program Outreach seeks to: 

  • Create an entrepreneurial environment that supports the local economy
  • Market the City of Fayetteville’s services to both its internal and external customers
  • Support the growth and diversity of the City of Fayetteville’s economy
  • Create a “One-Stop” or “No Wrong Door” Approach to the economic and business development services offered by the City of Fayetteville

Programs carried out include but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Commercial & Corridor Redevelopment
  2. Public Access to Commercial Sites and Buildings
  3. Information to Business and Contract Opportunities for local small disadvantaged business enterprises [LSDBE] and Minority Business Enterprise [MBE]
  4. Business Development Creation, Retention and Expansion
  5. Entrepreneurial Development and Support including  tutorial engagements, seminars and forums
  6. Local Incentive Programs that include Investment and Loan Program Portfolios
  7. State and local economic and business development programs

Commercial and Corridor Redevelopment

The City and its Economic Development staff seeks to creatively stimulate the community’s distressed and under-performing commercial corridors and effected neighborhoods through multiple programs designed to support job creation efforts and entrepreneurship development. In addition, the City pursues land assembly, blight removal, and coordinated planning efforts to focus redevelopment resources on so-called “catalyst” sites, wherein the City targets its limited resources in ways designed to achieve the greatest possible multiplier effort for development and investment “spin-off”. Fayetteville’s vibrant and historic destination Downtown serves as the arts, entertainment and cultural hub for the entire region. Now undergoing an even more-pronounced renaissance, the Downtown commercial core is in the midst of a massive new infusion of investment in mixed-use residential, retail and lodging construction as a result of a new minor league baseball stadium and support infrastructure. For additional information on any of the City’s economic development projects and opportunities, and for a greater area profile click here

Commercial Sites and Buildings - Public Access

Access on up-to-dated real-time information on available retail, commercial, and industrial sites for lease, purchase or development investment in the Fayetteville market. Information is available through user option or from the support of staff in the Economic and Business Development. Click here

Vendor Business and Contract Opportunities

The City of Fayetteville is committed to a proactive program of making all of its internal purchases of goods and services, as well as the contracting for construction, engineering, and professional services accessible to all potential vendors and providers, with an emphasis on encouraging the greatest participation possible from local providers. The City has available a Local Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise [LSDBE] program within the City of Fayetteville’s Purchasing Department, designed to encourage, educate and support local, small, disadvantaged enterprise as well as  veteran-owned businesses to take advantage of City purchasing and contracting opportunities. LSDBE Vendor Application is available here

Business Development Creation, Retention and Expansion

Trends today, indicate that many of cities are faced with declining household incomes, increasingly unequal wealth distribution, high levels of underemployment, and concentrated poverty. The City of Fayetteville’s economic development goals are focused on the creation of new jobs, higher income, increased tax revenues, greater wealth and a higher standard of living for residents. In the City of Fayetteville, we look to use new strategies and a variety of tools to stimulate private investment and encourage and support entrepreneurial growth through business retention and expansion efforts as well as adaptive building re-use, and redevelopment efforts that will assist businesses and entrepreneurs to create, retain and expand in Fayetteville. 

Entrepreneurial Support through Education and Training Programs and Economic and Business Development Forums

Entrepreneurial education and training programs are held quarterly through the Economic and Business Development Program to provide instruction on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship access to capital, grants and other loan programs and on additional state and federal lending resources such as the U. S. Small Business Administration and the Carolina Small Business Development Fund (formerly the Support Center of North Carolina)

Introductory entrepreneurial courses are also offered to entrepreneurs by our community resource partners that include the Center for Economic Empowerment Development [CEED], Fayetteville Technical Community College and Fayetteville State University.  Information on these quarterly entrepreneurial education and training programs can be found on - Face Book EBD page here.

In addition to these quarterly education and training program, an Annual Economic and Business Development Forum is held in partnership with Fayetteville State University.  The Forum is held on the campus of Fayetteville State University – [Rudolph Jones Student Center Building].  Participants in the forum include vendors/exhibitors comprises both federal, state and government agencies to provide information on services and programs to assist businesses and entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses. The Forum is free to participants and provides significant to market and network opportunities for these businesses. Click here.

Local Investment and Loan Program Portfolios

Under its Community Development Program the City of Fayetteville's efforts also work to support a vibrant downtown core and a strong local economy. These activities focus on business development, through start-ups, expansion and economic gardening. 

The five core goals of the Community Investment Program are:

  • Recruit and develop local businesses;
  • Attract businesses to the downtown plan area and redevelopment plan areas;
  • Retain local businesses in the downtown plan area and redevelopment plan areas;
  • Support economic development activities that create jobs and expand the City's tax base; and
  • Identify redevelopment projects that will eliminate blighted commercial properties within the Murchison Road, HOPE VI, Fayetteville Renaissance Plan and other redevelopment areas.

To support these core goals, the Community Development Department administers four (4) primary programs to assist small businesses under its loans and grants program.  There is a checklist of required documents and program forms that must accompany the completed application for review by the loan or grant committee.  Non-profit organizations are not eligible to apply under this program.  

The programs are as follows:

  • Business Assistance Loan Program
  • Facade Improvement Grant Program
  • Small Business Development Grant Program
  • Small Business Retention Grant Program
  • Redevelopment Funds Loan

For more information of the City’s portfolio on Loan Investment and Loan Program – City of Fayetteville Community Development Department. Michelle Haire, Economic Development Administrator, Community Development Department at 910-433-1590, is available to provide direct request for assistance.